Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

Buying a home is one of the most exciting and stressful things that many people do in their lifetime. For those who have owned a home for some time, it can be difficult to decide when to sell or what price point will bring in the highest amount of money. To help you get the most out of your decision to sell your home, we've compiled our top tips on how to get the most money for your house in Victoria.

Find out Where You're Starting From

- Get a comparative market analysis on your property that shows your home alongside other similar properties so you get an idea of what it is worth and what the potential is.  Speak to a Realtor who knows the Victoria Market and can help set a competitive price. I will go through all these steps with you by performing a walkthrough of your home to offer pointers and ensure your home is seen in the best light.


Timing Matters

- In Victoria, it is a good idea to sell your home in the spring or summer as this time of year has more buyers looking.  People often want to allow their kids to finish off the year and then change to a new school in the fall. With that in mind, you may choose to list yours in the fall/winter when there is less competition with other buyers if you are also going to be looking for a new home yourself. Your Realtor can discuss the best timing based on your individual situation. 


Strengthen Curb Appeal 

- Make your home as attractive to buyers as possible by making it look its best. Pay attention to the landscaping, and outdoor amenities like a pool or hot tub. Keep your lawn manicured and trim hedges or bushes that might block a potential buyer's view of your home. A good raking can make a world of difference!  If you have any updates that can be done without spending too much money or time, do them. 


Inside Updates

- Spend some time updating the inside of your house to make it more appealing. Get rid of clutter, hide all the boxes and unpacked items in your home so people don't think you're still moving things around. If something doesn't look good or is outdated (for example an old toilet), replace it as a quick fix to increase the value of your house!



The Kitchen is King 

-Think about updating your kitchen: A good kitchen can sell your property faster than any other room in the house. For buyers who want to stay within their budget, it's also important not to go too far overboard on renovations since they may have trouble getting financing if they do so.


Make Sure the 'Stage' is set! 

- Stage or prep your home so it's ready for showings. Remember, unlike decorating, staging your home isn't about personal style, it's about creating a space that appeals to buyers, that they can imagine living in.  Yes, think fruit baskets!

Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or food on the countertops. If you have pets, it helps to keep them contained to prevent them from getting underfoot of potential buyers, or running out an open door!


In conclusion, knowing what steps to take before listing your home for sale can make the process much easier and faster, while also resulting in more money for you! For those who are looking for tips on how to get started with their new home search, or would like help determining if it's the right time to sell now, I'm always available to chat.